About Inovology

The Company

We formed Inovology with the objective to improve the communication ability  and independence of those with disabilities.  We do this by delivering  the most suitable assistive technology(AT) solutions .

We at Inovology have had a fulfilling career working at the coal face of the New Zealand public health system.   Through understanding our client’s unique needs we have been able to help many .  We did find, however, that people with disabilities often had to adapt to the prescribed device rather than the other way around. 

We then started to deliver to clients specialised and customised products that better matched their needs.  Feedback from clients demonstrated the positive impact this approach was having on their lives and the community.  Inovology was born from our desire to see more of the community benefit from our capability, experience and no one size fits all approach

Our Mission

Our ambition is to advocate for, and deliver, innovative technology-based products and services that inspire independence, reinforce productivity, and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our vision is to see a world where there is a broad awareness of the benefits assistive technology can deliver society, there is an increase in the number of individuals provided with & using Assistive Technology, and these individuals live a life without limitation.

Our Commitment to You

No need is too big or too small at Inovology.  Regardless of whether you are a student, parent, counselor, school, non-profit, or government organization, Inovology is driven to seek out accessible solutions from around the world, delivering the most suitable and best value Assistive Technology products.


We are an advocate for accessibility —  we are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities and breaking down barriers.

We will design, adapt and manufacture products if a suitable off the shelf solution cannot be found, building on our proven track record of providing products and services that are targeted at the specific needs of the individual.  The friendly and passionate Assistive Technology solution providers at Inovology are committed to seeing your needs met

Please feel free to contact us with any Assistive Technology requests or queries you have on products in our standard portfolio.  Rest assured we will strive to get you a positive solution to breaking down your barriers towards independence.


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