Custom Solutions

In a nutshell we are all about innovation and the evolution of technology - that's how we got our name.


We would love to hear from you and help you with your needs or problems in the world of Assistive Technology Solution. 


Please contact us if you:

·         Need to ease a frustration around an activity in everyday life

·         Have a problem for which you cannot find a solution

·         Have an Assistive Technology technical or software issue?

·         Need some mechanical thing altered to suit you?

·         Have found something online, which could make your life easier, but can't get hold of it


This section is devoted to some of the solutions we have discovered that may interest or help you too.


Over a number of years we have delivered to clients specialised and customised products to meet their specific needs  Feedback from these clients demonstrated the positive impact this approach was having on their lives and the community.


We have the ability to design, adapt and manufacture products if a suitable off the shelf solution cannot be found.  We believe that there is no one size fits all and for a number of clients a unique solution will be required. We strive to be the company that tailors technology solutions to improve people’s life options.


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