Portable Intercom Call System

Summon carer assistance to remain safe or to complete activities of daily life, either with a simple alert or by talking directly to your carer.
This system provides the benefits of a intercom call bell system in a wireless and portable format, with an impressive range of up to 500m

Portable Wireless Call Bell allowing both a simple alert or verbal communication

Specifications Description
  • Features
    ·         16 different ring tones
    ·         Two-way voice communication
    ·         Listening mode - master intercom
    ·         Adjustable volume
    ·         Rechargeable battery powered transmitter & receiver
    ·         Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor use
    ·         Weather/Water resistant.
    ·         Interconnect multiple transmitters & receivers 
    ·         Can be added to an existing system .
    The Numbers
    ·         Range – up to as far as 450m
    ·         Receiver battery life once fully charged – upto 7 days
    ·         Transmitter battery life once fully charged – upto 1 year
    ·         Package dimension: 7.1 x 4.6 x 3.7 inches´╝î Item Weight: 500g
    ·         FCC compliance
    Contents of Box
    ·         Transmitter or Receiver
    ·         Rechargeable batteries included
    ·         Mains plug pack


Our Intercom Call System is easy to set-up and use, with its wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery power and simple push button operation

The individual can alert their carer or talk to them, over a crystal clear audio digital communication link, when they require assistance.
These intercoms are specifically designed for use by people with disabilities, especially those with limited movement.  The individual requiring assistance presses to ring the bell or talk.  The carer with the intercom unit can answer two way.  

Multiple intercom stations can be interconnected to allow communication between different rooms, and complete coverage of your home and surroundings.   Setup in any room in your house, such as the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and carer’s sleep-over room.

Setting up external units outside the front and back doors enables communication with visitors prior to authorizing access.

Mix and match - stations purchased individually to suit specific needs.


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