Portable Compact Voice Amplifier

Be clearly heard by those you are communicating with, whether you have a quiet voice or communicate using other Assistive Technology.

This voice amplifier has a clear sound quality and high sensitivity due to its digital audio processing. It can be used for outdoor activities

Specifications Description


  • Microphone Input: 3.5mm
  • Auxiliary Audio Input: 3.5mm
  • FM Radio
  • MP3Player:
    • MicroSD Card Socket
    • USB Socket
  • LED Display: Audio Mode, Battery Status
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Playback Controls
  • USB charging socket
  • Colour Options: Black or White

The Numbers

  • Audio Output Power: 10W
  • Audio Frequency Range: 90Hz ~ 18KHz
  • Distortion: ≤ 1%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥ 70dB
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Power Input: 5V 500mA
  • Charging Time: 3 ~ 5 Hours
  • Battery Life: (with 50% volume)
    • 6~8 hours (music mode)
    • 6~8 hours (wired MIC mode)
  • Amplifier Dimensions: 106mm x 86mm x 42mm
  • Amplifier Weight: 163g

Contents of Box

  • S268 voice amplifier
  • Headset microphone
  • Waistband
  • Charging cable
  • 3.5mm Audio cable
  • Adjustable strap (2-in-1 Waist Band/Belt Clip)
  • User manual

Our amplifier assists in overcoming communication breakdown, frustration & general upset, which results when a speaker has difficulty being heard or wants to prevent voice strain. Our voice amplifier is simple and straightforward to use. It is supplied with a headset microphone and sufficient volume to allow communication one to one, within a group, outdoors or in the presence of background noise. Just keep in mind this amplifier is a personal aid and not a Public Address (PA) system.
While wearing a voice amplifier for the entire day is unusual, the compact size of our amplifier means it can be comfortably worn for extended periods or just for those specific situations where speech amplification is required
It also has an auxiliary input that allows wired connection to other communication aids, such as push-button communicators, where their output needs amplification.
In addition to amplification, it comes with the added benefits of an FM radio and the ability to playback audio stored on a MicroSD card or USB drive. 

When it is decided that voice amplification is worth exploring, it is important to consider human factors and the introduction approach with the user We are able to provide some guidance on these aspects.

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